Miss Universe 2010 Interviews: USA, China and India

I went through a couple of the interview videos on YouTube, but most of them started so boring I couldn’t watch till the end.  These two, I watched till the end.  I try to pick out more of the Asian contestants as I am blogging from Asia.

Miss USA, Rima Fakih, is definitely the most creative in answering her questions and she is just so natural and unselfconscious.  She definitely has the star presence to be an actress or TV presenter.  I think I also like her because the way she speaks reminds me of Janet Jackson.


Miss China, Wen Tang, obviously made a lot of effort to speak in English and she seems quite fun loving and bubbly.  A bit too cutesy, but at least she held my attention till the end.  I like how she said she wished men in China would be more respectful.  I just hope she doesn’t get any flack in her country for that remark.


Miss India, Ushoshi Sengupta kinda reminds me of a friend of mine and I think she has a nice smile.  Her answers could have been better though.


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