Miss Universe 2010: Miss Sri Lanka’s Bizarre Sound Effects

Yikes! I have to say it.  It was bad and I felt embarrassed. I so wanted to like Miss Sri Lanka (being my ancestral country of origin and all), but just watch for yourself.  The sound effects at the end particularly baffle me.  Is that how cows and sheep sound in Sri Lanka?  Ishanka is entertaining though, as I certainly was not bored watching this. Maybe she should not have spoken in English if she was not totally comfortable with the language.  I think she probably didn’t receive much prep for the event.  Sri Lanka did not take part the year before and the country is just recovering from years of civil war.

Some Sri Lankans are expressing their embarrassment on a forum and that’s where I got a translation and understood what Ishanka was saying in response to the second question.  She’s actually saying, “My brother gave me denim jeans.  I like it.  It’s very sweet.”  Gosh! She makes denim jeans sound like a rarity in Sri Lanka and the people on the forum beg to differ.  She is like Sri Lanka’s version of Ris Low.  Maybe she will get fame from this.

Please share your thoughts. Am I being too mean?


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2 Responses to Miss Universe 2010: Miss Sri Lanka’s Bizarre Sound Effects

  1. rezuri says:

    Love your blog!

    I don’t think you are being too mean….I mean since when is making animal noises going to help determine Miss Universe? They are supposed to be portrayed as smart, classy, and beautiful, not comedians making sound effects.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    Yeah this segment really makes the girls appear silly. But kudos to some of the girls that even managed to look charming while making the ridiculous sounds. I think it was probably to portray their level of confidence. If they can still be confident and unselfconscious while making these kiddy sound effects then they must be really good 🙂

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