Miss Universe Preliminary Interviews: Venus Raj Has Charisma & Miss Singapore is Not Too Shabby

Since Maria Venus Raj, Miss Philippines has been consistently ranked top in the online polls, I was thinking she can’t be all perfect.  Maybe her personality would suck.  I was wrong. She oozes with charisma and has a lovely down to earth charm. She actually seemed to be enjoying the questions.  That’s what I call a pro!  See for yourself in the official Ms Universe interview which I found on YouTube.  She has definitely won me over.


Miss Singapore Tania wasn’t too bad either. I think they mucked up the editing on her video with the first question presented twice making her seem like she really loves her veneers.


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3 Responses to Miss Universe Preliminary Interviews: Venus Raj Has Charisma & Miss Singapore is Not Too Shabby

  1. Kirsten says:

    Oh dear, they totally mucked up the answer to the first question, didn’t they? Now it looks like she got the first question totally wrong… *facepalm*

  2. arieldionela says:

    Venus Raj..Es belissima! Philippines te amo heres la mejor viva Raj.. La Filipina es perfecta! Demasiad hermosa..Exitos para ti Venus! Preciosa la Filipina! No nos digamos mentiras..pero Philippines es la mas completa de este grupo de ninas..Es elegante,bella,alta,excelente porte y un super cuerpazo. Mujer Filipina-intelligente!!! Cum Laude!! I relate her as a “BOLOS”(deadly weapon or great calibro of Filipinas),that’s why many fellow latinas and europocentric hate her this year.)Something that threatens them by not winning the qui vive aspirants of Miss Universo 2010.Oui..Monesiour!,Oui..Senoritas!.. voto al mujer Filipina! Ariba..Venus! Go..go, Go!- Senor Uriel amorous with your Beauty!!

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