Floods Hit Singapore’s CBD

Again? What’s happening? I can’t believe that today the CBD (Central Business District) is flooded. Crazy weather or blocked drains? The rain wasn’t that heavy, but it has been raining intermittently for many hours. No reports of Orchard Road flooding though. I am no engineer and I wonder if it’s related and the drainage flow has been redirected, so now the CBD is affected? Or is it just plain old leaves and debris stuck in the drains again. Truly, I have no idea, but would love to hear the official explanations. Read the story at The Straits Times.

{Image: Straits Times}

I saw this interesting picture of a guy testing out his kayak during the last Little India Flood, which recurred today. I would say a great way to promote his expedition business. You can see more photos and the report at AsiaOne.

{Image: AsiaOne}

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