Ikea Bedroom Fabrics

The fabrics at Ikea are so pretty, I often want them all. I am especially taken in by the florals on white. I saw the blue floral bedspread that I bought at Ikea in the picture below and got excited. I only wish the fabric could be as soft as it used to be. I have an old set in an old design that I will use till it’s worn out. Hands down, it’s the softest, most comfortable bedsheet set I have. The older bed sheets and spreads are for some reason, so much softer. The newer fabrics which are possibly outsourced (I noticed they are now made in Bangladesh), are so rough and scratchy which is just sad, because the designs are lovely. I recently bought a bright orange design that feels like sandpaper! I personally feel that outsourcing leads to quality being affected and not in a good way. Have you noticed the same thing too?

{Image: Ikea Live}

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  1. Crystal says:

    I don’t know if I think it’s outsourcing as much as it likely that they dropped the thread count, so they’re using coarser thread to make the fabric. I’ve noticed that many companies do this…where they used to sell 250 thread count, they now are 200 and so forth. A little thread can make a huge diff in softness.

  2. Spent the day at Ikea again. I tell you, BJ, we are kindred spirits. But no, I haven’t noticed a difference at all with the soft cotton fabrics. I’m big on soft cotton things though and love anything soft. Especially down pillows. I pick up a lot of pillow cases at Ikea because they are so beautiful and have great prices. I also love that they are cotton. Comfort is king!

    Nice article. I wish I could keep up with you. You write 10 posts to my one. I enjoy reading your blog.


    • bookjunkie says:

      Maybe it’s just those in Singapore. There seems to be inconsistency. This time I am gonna check where it’s manufactured and if they do state the thread count.

      Thanks Julie. Hope I don’t get blog burnout. Right now I just post whenever I feel like it….instead of journalling. But if you notice my posts are full of embarrassing grammar and spelling errors which my eyes can’t spot. Have really bad eye sight especially when it comes to reading off the computer screen.

      I am just like you…love super soft cotton and yes anything soft. Even when I select handbags or clothes they have to have a smooth and soft texture. Texture is really important to me 🙂

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