Watch Out Australia – Oprah And Her Audience Are Coming

Am dedicating this post to my WordPress blogging ‘colleagues’ in Australia.

Oprah topped her big car giveaway and is taking her audience (300 most loyal fans), who went berserk as usual, to Australia. The Quantas plane will be flown by her best buddy John Travolta.

Feel the envy and watch the craziness here.

An episode of the show will be filmed at the Sydney Opera House.


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2 Responses to Watch Out Australia – Oprah And Her Audience Are Coming

  1. thinkpinktoo says:

    Did you know Oprah coming to Australia will cost tax payers 3.5 Million!

    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah I heard about that, but the tourist promotion board in Australia thinks it’ll be worth it. Loads of Oprah fans, who were not among the lucky few, are probably buying tickets to get to Australia now. I love John Travolta, but to be honest If I were one of the lucky few I wouldn’t feel that comfortable about him flying the plane. Just can’t picture him as a real pilot even though he’s qualified. I’m sure the ladies would rather spend time chatting with him…he seems like such a sweet guy.

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