Movies That Made Me Cry

I cry very easily. It’s easy to tug at my heartstrings. I have been known to even tear during a particularly sad commercial or while reading a book.  Don’t even get me started on sad songs.  At movies with heart wrenching themes I find it impossible to leave the movie theatre with dry eyes that are not red and puffy. The more understated and subtle the acting, the more I am affected. There are some brilliant tear jerkers that immediately come to mind.

1. Life is Beautiful.  The extent to which a father supresses his own fear and anguish and sacrifices to protect his child is remarkable.  This movie is beyond beautiful and if you haven’t seen it you really should. Roberto Benigni truly deserved the Oscar for best actor and I was so glad he won.

2. Cast Away. The scene where ‘Tom Hanks’ reunites with ‘Helen Hunt’ after 4 years of being stranded on the island after the plane crash, and discovers she is married with a child.  She thought that he had died in the crash and was still in love with him.  I really felt Tom Hanks was robbed of an Oscar.  He practically carried the whole movie.

3. The Elephant Man.  I saw this when I was just a kid, and didn’t fully understand, but I couldn’t bear the pain of  seeing John Merrick suffering and ridiculed. Oh the cruelty of society.  Knowing this was based on a true story based on a severely deformed man in the 19th century, made it worse.  As a child I felt that the man on the screen was real and I wanted to protect him from the mean people. I was truly traumatized.

4. The Pianist.  In this hauntingly beautiful movie, which will make you hold your breath, Adrian Brody made playing the piano seem divine.

5. Everybody’s Fine.  Robert De Niro was brilliant in this movie, about love between a father and his children.  It is one of the most recent and most touching movies I’ve watched in the theatre.

6. Dead Poets Society. I was already in love with the sweetness of Robin Williams, but this movie sealed it and I was forever a fan. The last part where the students stood up for him totally got me.

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6 Responses to Movies That Made Me Cry

  1. Crystal says:

    For crying, I also recommend Beaches and Wit.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I have just only heard of Wit and I now want to watch it. thanks for introducing it to me.

  3. harlsmits says:

    I loved Life is Beautiful. It made me so sad at the end. But it was a fantastic movie.

  4. J says:

    Check out Bridges of the Madison County. Love it too because of Meryl Streep. 🙂

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