Little Girl is Mean to Anthony Bourdain

Poor Anthony. Watch this and you’ll know what I mean.


54 year old Bourdain is getting soft and it makes me like him even more. In a recent interview he talks about the reason for his becoming a softie now – his 3 year old daughter Ariane. He also mentions Singapore Food Courts.

{Image: Oregon Live}

Have there been any particular food concepts that you’ve seen in your travels that you’d like to see succeed in the United States?

The Singapore-style food court. It’s something that I just don’t understand why we don’t have. Our food courts are just so terrible, and theirs are so exciting. Mom and pop stands, one chef, one dish, doing fresh, indigenous specialities. It’s so good. Even their chains. Noodles, fish ball, curry and roti places, so much better than ours. I would love to see that kind of big food court or hawker culture, more of a street food culture, take root here.

The chapter “I’m Dancing” [in Medium Raw] examines your relationship with your daughter (Ariane, 3, with wife Ottavia.) You became a father later in life. How did that change you for the better?

Well, I no longer think the sun shines out of my own ass. I’m not the center of the world anymore. My daughter’s the center of the world. That’s a big change right away. The focus is on somebody else, not me. To be a parent, especially of a girl who’s going to grow up to be a young woman and then a woman, I know it’s changed me.

Does she travel with you?

Any time we shoot in Western Europe, my family comes with me. My wife’s Italian and her folks are over there. My daughter’s been back and forth a real lot. She’s very comfortable on planes. And in fact, for three years old, amazing in restaurants. She’ll sit quietly and behave herself for hours at a time.

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  1. harlsmits says:

    I LOVE Anthony Bourdain. His daughter is so cute. And that video clip is hilarious.

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