Japanese School Uniforms in Osaka

I think Japanese School Uniforms look so smart. Nothing like the pinafore I wore to school that use to bunch up messily. In between lessons and for comfort, we used to take off the belt that came with it and the teacher used to yell at us and called us pregnant monkeys (I’m serious). It was a girl’s school. In a way I am glad Singapore imposes school uniforms. We didn’t have to wreck our heads everyday about what to wear. It was fun to all wear the same thing and it’s a good social leveler.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

I saw a little boy with the cap at the market and he looked so adorable. I assume he was in his school uniform.

photo by bookjunkie

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5 Responses to Japanese School Uniforms in Osaka

  1. Crystal says:

    My big issue with school uniforms is that they’re sexist. Name one school in Singapore that doesn’t require girls to wear skirts. I’ve been asking that question for 6 months and have yet to hear anything other than “they can wear shorts for gym and sometimes on field trips.” There is nothing about wearing shorts that is unfeminine…and they are FAR more comfortable. But it’s a holdover from older days, and older opinions.

    While it’s not even in my top ten reasons, it’s something I took into consideration when evaluating if E will go to school here or if I’d homeschool her. I decided to home school (for a ton of reasons, among them that I have a master’s in education and am a certified teacher in grades 1-6 as a generalist and 5-12 in history) for as long as we’re in Singapore.

    I will agree that there’s a lot of pressure when you get to pick your own outfits. But if you’re feeling fat, you can wear a baggy shirt. If you’re feeling like you want to wear a skirt…you wear a skirt. It allows for a great deal of personal expression. And while it does allow for exclusion (not wearing/owning the right brands of clothing) that’s just as easily done in schools with uniforms…who has the Prada backpack, the high end shoes, the expensive earrings..or at least I found that to be true in the US.

    • bookjunkie says:

      we used to wear shorts under our skirts so that we could sit any way we wanted….sprawled out…it helped that we were in a girl’s school ( but this was kinda a long time ago).

      the school also used to limit the kinds of shoes we wore…only completely white shoes were allowed and no track shoes….also earrings had to be 0.5mm or the tiniest things ever. That was good in preventing elitism.

      if I were you…I would homeschool too.

      • lampoondish says:

        I think i recall my JC allowing girls to wear pants, but of course, all the odds discourage any girl to.

        ..I’m just wondering how long it must take to iron those pleats out! And the perfectly neat bows. For one it would take a kind of dedication and pride to keep the uniform looking like it should.

  2. Silmsleerge says:

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