Modern Family Stars Speak Out Against Bullying

Bullies are the worst. I should know. I was bullied when I was in primary school by a mean girl and it made me sick to my stomach with fear when I had to go to school. I was not the only one bullied. I just wonder how bullies always get away with it. I wish they would realize how they affect people’s lives, so I am really glad about this current anti-bullying campaign. I wonder if bullies at work used to be bullies at the playground too.

I have had nasty encounters with both bullies in primary school as well as bullies at work so my heart goes out to people who get picked on every day of their lives for just being themselves. What I did realize is that they always pick on the weak. It’s just so cruel and must be stopped. There is just not enough attention paid to how detrimental it can be.


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  1. whatsaysyou says:

    My empathies go to you and I understand what it feels like to be picked on just because you are unique in your own ways and those bullies have a chip on their shoulders. I am sure those bullies who picked you must be wallowing in their own miseries right now and maybe having their just desserts while you have a lovely blog for others to read. Believe me, there is a saying, “What goes around, comes around” and it does ring true. It is also true that kids who bully tend to become adult bullies and most social experts state that most bullies tend to end up getting in trouble with the law, have relationships that do not last very long and change jobs more frequently than non-bullies.

    It is sad but true that bullying also happens beyond school and does happen in the workplace. But where I am from, workplace bullying is a very serious matter and depending on the severity of it, the workplace bully can either end up getting his or her trousers sued off by the victim in court (followed by compensation to the victim for the damages incurred by the bully) or in rare cases, end up losing his or her job followed by a black mark in the permanent records. That is not all, workplace bully victims are allowed to complain to the local Human Rights Commission or the Department of Labour.

    An anti-bullying campaign is a brilliant tactic to get the message out to everyone that bullying is never okay.

    • bookjunkie says:

      boy would I love to work at a place where there is a no tolerance policies towards office politics and bullying. Thanks for your supportive comments 🙂 Truly appreciate it!!

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