Cuteness Overload: Modern Family’s Baby Lily Filming at The Grove in LA

I had absolutely no idea what The Grove was and now I just hope I get to check it out one day.

Couldn’t resist bringing you the cuteness of Baby Lily. I am sucker for cute kids. The first time you can clearly see both the twins and that they are not completely identical. I wonder who does their twitter account. It’s so cute. Maybe it’s their daddy. I also wonder if the two people in the background are their parents.

{via: The Baby LilyPad on Twitter}

Jesse Tyler has revealed the twins real names on his twitter – Jayden and Ella:

Jayden & Ella, & I am obsessed w/ them. Ella is better w/ the dramatic material. RT @TaliazTweetz: what are the twins names who play Lily

On Wikipedia they are listed as Jaden and Ella Hiller with the middle name Rose. I just love their names. Their names suit these pretty little tots who started off entering a baby modeling contest.

{Source: Wikipedia & Parenting}

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