Why Do People in Singapore Boast So Much? I Want to See the Good Ones Win for a Change

Office folk seem to be taking to cafes to conduct job interviews and they talk at the top of their lungs. It’s annoying as covid cases rise and no one wears masks. I dread it when they plop down next to me.

It’s like they love the sound of their own voices and mostly the interviewer boasts about what an amazing manager they are, and in this particular case, how terrible the last person who quit the vacated role was. It truly makes me seethe.

It feels like only aggressive bullies get ahead. Or those who know how to promote themselves or play the game. Life is so unfair and real life is like that horrible ‘Survivor’ game where the worst kind of person gets ahead through back mouthing, sabotage, backstabbing etc. Anyone else feel me?

On the other hand the interviewee seemed like a nice polite person (obviously capable as the interviewer seemed very interested) and hinted that he was offered only half his salary by HR, but was hoping for the salary to be matched at least. Hope he doesn’t get taken advantage of or even better, I hope he gets an alternative job offer with a more humble manager. Major red flag. That ego display.

Sorry but I just had to do a mini ranting post today. Our values are really twisted in this mostly mercenary country.

Glad there are lots of people I meet on social media that are not the norm. Who live on the fringes. I respect them the most, but often they get the short end of the stick.

There was this incredible teacher, loved by all the school kids, but the head of department was so political that he got jaded and quit. He felt bullied and was under extreme stress. That is how the profession looses good Teachers who truly care for the kids and not just ambitious ones who want to get accolades and get more money and power. Stories like these distress me as the kids he taught were so sad to see him go.

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  1. Janet Hill says:

    It’s incredibly unfair the amount that bullies get away with, Scott free – when GOOD people are the ones who lose their jobs or have to quit because they’re so under-appreciated.

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