The Shaytard Family Made Even More Famous by James Blunt

I never imagined that I would one day be a fan of a self proclaimed, obnoxious, 30 year old mormon dad who lives in Idaho and who posts videos of his four kids (all under 7), wife, sister, mother and basically his whole family, on Youtube. When I came across the channel this year, I had already given up on reality TV and never imagined I would get hooked on this. But you know what, somehow this family draws me in because of their positive energy and they are so wholesome too. Most of all, the kids are hard to resist. As Shaycarl likes to call it, there are many PPD (Pretty Darn Precious) moments that will make you go awww.

I think in a couple of years I won’t have to explain who they are and everyone will just know. The third youngest child, Babytard, is already famous as James Blunt picked her picture on the internet to go on his latest CD. He wanted something other than his own face. So it’s not just me, James Blunt loves the Shaytards too. The family must be doing pretty well, as they recently moved into a bigger house and I say good for them. Some of their videos get as much as a million views!

Anyway this post is just for the Shaytard, Babytard and James Blunt fans out there – I am all three. If you’re interested, there’s the story that I blogged about earlier of how Babytard ended up on the latest James Blunt CD.


In his latest vlog, Shay talks about Babytard on the cover.


Here are some of the latest photos from Shaycarl’s twitter page.

Of Babytard who’s 4 now I think. She was just a baby when the channel stared and baby brother Rocktard wasn’t born yet. You probably guessed by now – not their real names.

photo by bookjunkie

Shaycarl did a new throwing babytard in the air picture. Perhaps for James Blunt’s next CD?

photo by bookjunkie

The newest baby in the family – 4 month old nicknamed Rocktard. I swear he’s like the happiest infant ever. His dad puts him in drawers and throws him around and he never cries. Watching it will make you a little nervous, but the bambino seems unperturbed.

photo by bookjunkie

Shaycarl on the treadmill. He jokes that it’s now his iphone holder.

photo by bookjunkie

If you’re curious here’s an old picture of a slim Shaycarl and without the full beard.


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