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KL Comedy

My sister introduced me to these comedians from KL and I immediately loved their show which lucky for me is on YouTube. The duo go by the name Comedy Court and they are just brilliant the way they’ve got the … Continue reading

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Funniest Moments at the 2012 Oscars

The red carpet would have been boring without this. I love Sacha Baron Cohen. He livened up an otherwise uptight event. [youtube]mhAg0COnqds[/youtube] And Emma Stone was perky, cute and funny. This was as good as an SNL skit, with Ben … Continue reading

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The Noose: SMRT & Spot on Singaporean Indian Accent

Most people who try to do a heavy Singaporean Indian accent fail miserably. Suhaimi Yusof on The Noose, nailed it. Chua Enlai does the Aussie accent. What do Australians think? Was it good? [youtube]AtkgtU6fz1Y[/youtube]

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More of Michelle Chong as Barbarella

Loads of local references and her Singlish accent is perfection. [youtube]vTh-R4pn_j4[/youtube]

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New Season of The Noose: Michelle Chong’s Tin Pei Ling Spoof

The last bit is the funniest. [youtube]D-jdYiggq9o[/youtube]

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Adele’s Someone Like You SNL Skit

I don’t like slapstick or gross humour, but I do love a good parody. [youtube]QJuSCPxTUvo[/youtube] The funniest bit for me is Andy Samberg’s expression and Coldplay.

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Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens

I have this song stuck in my head. Brilliant pick by Ricky Gervais and it appears at the end credits of one of my favourite shows Extras. I love comedies that are intelligent, poignant and more like real life. I … Continue reading

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Karl Pilkington Never Fails to Put a Smile on my Face

I was watching An Idiot Abroad 2 in the hotel room in Helsinki and was thinking, everyone the world over now loves Karl Pilkington. Brilliant stuff and here’s Ricky Gervais and Karl being interviewed on BBC. Karl always has this … Continue reading

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Singapore Presidential Candidates get Auto-tuned

Silly, but too funny not to share to take a break from the seriousness of the Presidential Elections. I thought Tony Tan’s voice got the most melodic treatment. [youtube]RqZOrwndVPc&feature=channel_video_title[/youtube] YouTuber by the name PE2011MusicVideos must have used some quite old … Continue reading

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Brilliant National Day Spoof Video: Another Home, with Chua Enlai & Tin Pei Ling?

Now this is what makes me feel patriotic and so close to my fellow citizens. Never thought I could be a bigger fan of Chua Enlai than right now. Just when I was feeling so jaded. I was thrilled to … Continue reading

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