Stacked Vintage Suitcases

After browsing the cardboard vintage suitcase replicas at The Paper Market at Raffles City I was prompted to write this post and looks for pretty decor pictures where stacked suitcases make a pretty feature in a feminine bedroom.

Don’t they make the prettiest storage unit? Like a little coffee or bedside table. I just love blue toned red and how it pops against the white wall. It’s the most beautiful shade for lipstick and nail polish too. Especially when you’re feeling super confident or need a boost. For me that’s rare. Well perhaps my toenails if I can hide them in my shoes. Just knowing the red is there would make me feel good. The secret to happiness – red toenails.

{Image: Skona Hem}

{Image: Etsyfix}

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2 Responses to Stacked Vintage Suitcases

  1. jazziefizzle says:

    ohhhh I love the look of stacked suitcases. So pretty! I wish I could find some affordable vintage ones!

    Thanks for your comment! Yes dim light is terrible for taking photos of food, especially if your camera doesn’t have high ISO capabilities. I always try to take photos by a window if at all possible 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      I just love the pictures in Scandinavian decor photospreads….so beautiful, I wish it was my room.

      I do that too 🙂 Randomly discovered one day how much better photos look in natural light.

      Your blog looks like a magazine spread by the way….so beautiful 🙂

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