Insomniac Breakfast: Shaytard Vlog from May 2009

Please indulge me.  I really like the Shaytards and since I only recently discovered this kooky lovable family, I was trawling their channel for some old videos and I came upon a classic one.

Princesstard is so cute in this one and Babytard is still a toddler. It was one of the more natural blogs where Shay suffers from insomnia and he only realises he didn’t sleep the whole night long when Princesstard with painted toenails (because she’s a princess), wakes him up at 6am.  They then hatch a plan to wake up the rest of the family and go to Denny’s for breakfast.  I am so glad to see Princesstard getting a lot of attention in this one.  She is such a pretty exhuberent little girl and the middle child always lacks attention and that sucks.

At the end, those stack of pancakes the kids were having looked mighty good. Made me think, oh why did Denny’s have to close down in Singapore – what a shame.


I can relate to this video on so many levels – the insomnia, the internet surfing, the unable to wake up in the morning, the grouchiness of being woken up in the morning and feeling like a zombie and the elation of a good breakfast.  All the good stuff about life and living, packaged in a sweet home video.


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