I Dreamt About North Korea

Last night I had a scary, strange dream, that I got into big trouble while crossing the North Korean border. Why do I always have to dream? At first the female guards were nice, but later I realized that me and my loved one were in danger. The dream didn’t clarify the kind of trouble but it was a foggy kind of fear that enveloped me. I don’t even know why the heck I even dreamt about that. I am so weird. I haven’t been reading any news about North Korea either.

To make things even spookier, this morning, in the news it was reported that there’s been exchange of artillery fire between North and South Korea on a disputed island. Of course the North is suspected to have initiated it. I just pray that this does not escalate any further. Asia does not need to be destabilized. Please, let’s not plunge into another recession.

I hope I can have one dreamless night of real deep sleep. Everyday it’s weird dreams and nightmares. I think my anxiety level is very high.

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