11 Things that Made Me Happy Today

Let me first admit that these days being happy takes quite an effort for me and may seem a bit false at first, but I am trying to not miss the little bits of cheer throughout the day and to be more aware of them. I hope these little pockets of happiness can be multiplied and magnified, just by the act of writing them down and preserving them.

1. Getting an email from my dear friend, who is the most positive person I know, even after I quit Facebook and thought I would lose all connection.

2. A 5 minute telephone call and the caller who knows who he is, sounded happy and breezy – and happiness as you know, is infectious.

3. The heavy rain beating down and just watching and listening to it.

4. Chocolates, Hazelnuts and candied almonds from my relatives who came back from Europe recently. The fact that it was brought with love, makes them even sweeter.

5. Eating healthy today – baked grated carrot with cheese on whole grained bread. Added lettuce too and I realized that healthy vegetarian sandwiches can taste so good. Also had raspberries with greek yoghurt. I felt so physically good eating healthy. When I binge on junk mindlessly, I just feel momentarily good – a party in my mouth, but I have to deal with the hangover. When I eat healthy and treat my body like a temple and not a garbage can, the food tastes so good and I feel good the whole day. I am by no means putting a ban on any junk food. I just hope I can continue to be mindful and keep eating the super foods that make me full good for the long term.

6. Catching up on my reading – the most pleasurable, indulgent activity I can think of.

7. Reading my blog subscriptions and Freshly Pressed posts that instantly captivate me. All of you on WordPress, educate me and make me a better writer.

8. I may not have hit the actual jackpot, but I hit the jackpot when it comes to mothers. My mum make me happy everyday – it just goes without saying. She is the most patient and nicest person I know in this world. To me she’s a saint. She always does things like handing out her unused parking coupons. Things that would make most people angry, like rude drivers, hardly ruffle her. What a great state of mind to have.

9. Looking at the beautiful rosary, holy water in a bottle, and picture of the Virgin Mary my aunt brought me from Lourdes and Vatican city. Makes me feel spiritual already. I may not be the most religious person, but I yearn for a connection. Sometimes when I do feel that personal connection it definitely contributes to a happier state of mind.

10. Watching the Shaytards Vlog – Thanksgiving episode. Twenty minutes well spent. This family is like the epitomy of happiness and prove that happiness is indeed contagious. Shaycarl has the best more genuine laugh, and I love his natural comedic talents. The family togetherness reminds me a bit of the Osmond Family or the Brady Bunch, but the millenium version. Watch it – it’ll make you crave for turkey.


11. Writing this and sharing a bit of happiness, and hoping it’s infectious, especially if you’re having a bad day.

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6 Responses to 11 Things that Made Me Happy Today

  1. This list will go on my list as one of the best list posts on wordpress! (I especially like #9)

  2. bookjunkie says:

    aww….thank you so much…your comment is now my #12 🙂

  3. Hey there sugar bear,

    I think this list just hits the spot. You are right in line with the spirit of giving thanks. I believe in my heart of hearts that if you practice happiness, it will come. It’s not always easy to put on a smile but it’s a good practice.

    One day, you will wake up feeling wonderful and complete ~ I believe that action starts with gratitude.

    I so agree with you about blog writers being supportive. We’re just writing and sharing, how cool is that?


  4. 365days2play says:

    This is a lovely post! It is so hard to remember the small pleasures in life yet it is so easy to get angry over the smallest things. Your post has reminded me that there is much to be grateful about. Congrats on no.5. As for no. 3, I am glad to say I was not really upset to be caught in that storm while going home from the office. I particularly like Decembers for its gloomy and wet days, makes it feel more like Christmas for some reason!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thank you so much!!!

      I love November/ December weather too. A cool wet Christmas is loads better than a hot Christmas. Rain makes me feel that our air is so clean after, and the whole environment got a good ‘wash’.

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