Michael Buble is A Really Nice Guy: Gives Heckling Mum and Son a Big Break

Just read this Time article and watch the video to see what I mean.


The mum actually seems quite rude from the video taken at a recent concert in England.  She must have been causing quite a ruckus before to get him so riled up.  Buble is usually really good natured.

I just love it when celebrities turn out to be really nice people and not arrogant aloof snobs. I love Michael Buble as an entertainer, but what I really love is that he’s genuinely a nice guy.

Here’s one of his recent interviews by The Today Show (the hosts are often spoofed on SNL, but this is the first time I am watching their show)


Anyway Sam Hollyman should thank Buble and his mum Paula if he gets a record deal out of this.

Sam spoke with the Birmingham Mail about his Bublé experience.

“It was incredible. I can’t believe I got to go on stage to sing with Michael Bublé,” he told the paper. “For the last few days my mum kept asking what my favourite Bublé song was, but I had no idea she was going to do that. As she started walking to the stage, I thought oh no, what is she doing?”

His mother, Paula, told the paper she had an idea going into the concert she might try to get Sam on stage — that’s why she bought such good seats. But she needed a little bit of courage to go through with it.

“I wasn’t sure whether I would do it, but I’d had a couple of glasses of wine and I just thought, go for it, and I just marched up to the stage and told him. Sam was amazing. I am so proud.”

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