One Thing I Have in Common with Johnny Depp

I hate phones too.  They make me jump out of my skin each time they ring. The worst thing is a phone ringing late at night or early in the morning. It makes my heart stop, because it’s always bad news. I don’t like the idea of being reachable either, especially by tons of people who scold me when I don’t instantly pick up or return calls.  It truly feels like a shackle around my ankle.  I think I am a recluse at heart, just like Johnny Depp, whom I’ve liked since 21 Jump Street.

In an interview with Access Hollywood:

“We have Internet and stuff like that because I think that’s the safest form, well, most interesting form of communication,” Johnny told Tony when asked about reports that he kept his house tech-free. “I just don’t like phones.”

“I just don’t like them… being reachable all the time,” the actor continued.

“How would I get a hold of you if I was your friend?” Tony asked.

“You’d have to you know to just buzz me on the Internet or something,” the 47-year-old explained.

Besides being known to be really sweet to his fans, now that Johnny Depp has revealed this, I think he is cooler than ever.

The reclusive, humble star appeared on Letterman recently.


Part 2 is much funnier after Depp seems to have relaxed a bit and talks about babysitting the Jolie-Pitt’s bulldog.


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  1. orionstar says:

    I totally heart Johnny Depp.. Think he’s the coolest dude in Hollywood… Is it amazing on how one can still look hot with mismatched clothes, greasy hair and in need of a bath? 🙂

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