Nex Serangoon Mall: Carpark Jam and Charges

The jam has actually eased slightly, but it does help to have the Nex security guards as well as the auxillary police, direct traffic. Otherwise the various delivery trucks would just block the way, like I saw one of them do today. The driver blocked the whole road, till the police asked them to move.

Also within the carpark (in the US I think you call it parking garage?), you can see that it is badly designed. Without the guards you may have accidents with blind spots, and cars going too fast.

I also learnt that what we call a parking lot (grammatically incorrect Singlish) they refer to as parking space. To Americans parking lot would collectively refer to all the parking spaces within the area. Please collect me if I got it wrong.

photo by bookjunkie

The carpark charges are pretty steep for a mall located in the heartlands or suburbs or more ‘rural’ part of Singapore. This is as rural as it gets. Basically it’s S$1.20 per hour on weekdays and S$1.30 per hour on weekends. There is no per entry free after 5 or 6pm like they have at most malls in the Orchard Road shopping belt. (I think we use the British term of parking charges while Americans say parking rates instead?)

photo by bookjunkie

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