Bugis Junction on the Last Day of TwentyTen

I wonder when the name Lilo became associated with Lindsay Lohan.

photo by bookjunkie

I still haven’t seen this Jack Black movie yet. Loved the original satire.

photo by bookjunkie

This used to be an actual road in the old days and two independant shophouses. Can you imagine it?

photo by bookjunkie

Packed on New Year’s Eve.

photo by bookjunkie

The Atrium with the lovely arched skylight thronging with crowds. This used to be a road too.

photo by bookjunkie


photo by bookjunkie

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8 Responses to Bugis Junction on the Last Day of TwentyTen

  1. LL says:

    Unless you are being sarcastic, I don’t think Lindsay Lohan is associated with Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. It is just a hybridized named: Li(ndsay) Lo(han). Their new name for her (afaik) is LL, which I am not too happy with since all my college friends nicknamed me LL (ellelle).

  2. LL says:

    Sorry for not consolidating my comments. I tend to just comment whenever something strikes me and rush to the bottom before I forget 🙂

    Anyway, I can’t believe there were so many people at the mall on New Year’s Eve! I’d think they’d be out partying or near the fireworks displays. Or was this just during the day? Still, most people I know would be travelling all day or getting a good spot for shows. I am not one of those people though, haha. I just stay home with my parents.

    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah I stay home with the family too…don’t like jostling with the crowds. No worries…thanks for all your comments…no need to consolidate….the more the merrier 🙂

      The photos were taken in the earlier part of the day.

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