#71. Siew Pao in Chinatown

Siew Pao is one of my favourite snacks that you can get in Singapore with the yummiest version sold at S’ban Siew Pao in Chinatown. Just imagine sweet savoury barbequed pork encased in the fluffiest most buttery flaky pastry and the whole thing just melts in your mouth. Just having one won’t be enough so it’s good that this costs just a dollar.

photo by bookjunkie

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4 Responses to #71. Siew Pao in Chinatown

  1. LL says:

    I have those often as well, but none of them have ever looked as good as the one in your picture. Usually there is more bread and very little filling. I think in general, people take more pride in food in Singapore than where I live. Maybe more competition? There is no competition here from everything being so spaced apart. People usually just go eat wherever is closest and fastest. I always like looking through the food posts in your blog and just pine. haha 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      I think it’s because we Singaporeans are soo darn picky and there’s loads of competition because we love our food so much and eat out more often than we eat in. Sometimes it makes more sense to eat out when you can get a meal for just S$3.

      • LL says:

        I really don’t know where everyone eats in my area. All the fast food places are getting a bad rep for causing obesity but there are not many tasty, cheap alternatives. I have been incredibly picky since birth; I just learned to deal with the fact that there are no alternatives other than starving (depressing but true).

        It’s very hard to be food inclined (that’s what i’m going to call it). My apartment-mate and her boyfriend would drive 1.5 hours just to get to the closest Sonics. That is an extreme case. My roommate would drive out of the way for half an hour for raspberry filled donuts (rare). That is a more normal case since she only did that once every few months.

        • bookjunkie says:

          The good thing about Singapore is that it never takes you more than half a hour to get somewhere. Even from one end of the island to the other I think it’s less than an hour with the highways?

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