I Feel Sorry for Nadya Suleman When I Watch This

It feels like Suze Orman was bullying Nadya Suleman. If you don’t know who Nadya is, she’s the woman who has been labelled the Octomum, because she had 8 kids through IVF when she already had six children she couldn’t quite afford or cope with.

How is this public bashing helping her situation in any way? And to me verbal abuse can be worse than physical abuse. Maybe this is supposed to be reverse psychology so the people in the public who are mean to her will see how bad it is to bully someone who is already down? I really don’t know.

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10 Responses to I Feel Sorry for Nadya Suleman When I Watch This

  1. LL says:

    I think this is just a way for Oprah to earn more ratings since she is retiring her own show while focusing on the new channel she owns (OWN).

    Tons of people hate her for all those allegations that she had the kids to get a reality show, money for plastic surgery to look more like angelina jolie, etc. I think using Suze Orman to do this was pretty genius. Suze Orman always had a sharp tone that made me want to crawl in a hole and hide. And if Suleman is as nuts as people claim she is, she probably went on this show to reignite the hatred/fame or get money for her so-called surgery addiction. I had honestly forgotten all about her. If she didn’t want this she probably wouldn’t have agreed to this in the first place. If it were me having millions of people hating me, and I knew Suze Orman was going to show up, I can pretty much guess what is going to go down.

  2. harlsmits says:

    I hate Suze Orman! She gives horrible advice. I have no idea why she is famous.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah, I think she was just being so mean in the video.

    • LL says:

      Her public speaking tends to appeal to some, like my older generation parents. To me she is just another Oprah-made-famous personality. She was pretty popular before the Oprah push, but I think that was what made her more established as an annoying facet of my life. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of younger people admiring Suze Orman, unless they are completely clueless with money. Have you heard the Q&A sessions she has? Seriously the advice she gives and is getting paid for is ridiculous: someone asks “I want to buy another car but I have tons of loans. Should I just get one anyway?” Suze says “No!” and gets tons of money for her sage financial advice. A pretty generic example, but it is the essence of all the questions. A bit of common sense and enforced thriftiness is all these callers need – not to buy suze’s book. Sorry, I’ve been forced to hear her almost everyday (my parents blash it on tv and youtube so it is heard throughout the house) and this has instilled a bit of hatred for her.

      • bookjunkie says:

        hahah I mum used to like to watch her too, when she was on CNN in Singapore. Donno if her show is still on. Yeah, the advice is all pretty common sense. I don’t quite like the tone she uses.

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