Ricky Gervais is Fearlessly Funny, and I Adore Him For It

Thank goodness for YouTube. I don’t watch regular TV, but thanks to YouTube, I didn’t miss the wickedly funny opening to the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, by my comedic hero Ricky Gervais.

I guess we’re ok with with the brutally honest jokes, as these stars makes tons of money and get flattered most of the time. I think the cameramen did not dare pan to Angelina Jolie, but Johnny Depp was good humouredly smiling which makes me love Johnny Depp even more. He clearly shows that he does not have a hollywood ego and that makes him so appealing. I think he kind of rescued the movie The Tourist. Even with the lack of chemistry with Jolie (probably they were afraid to upset their partners and held back) he was still his captivating, lovely self. With the beard and couple of pounds he reminded me of another character I loved – Dr Aziz played by Victor Banerjee from the 1984 movie, A Passage to India (sorry for my obscure reference). And Jolie in those gowns and jewels, added to the eye candy of Parisian and Venetian settings.

Having said all this I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of his jokes – major OUCH! I’m not that good of a sport, but if I had the salary of a Hollywood actress I would say, fair enough.


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  1. miss ene says:

    I lurrrve Johnny Depp too! He’s got this quiet smoldering charm about him *swoon*

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