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Kirsten Han’s List of 7 Unintentionally Funny Singapore Videos

Kirsten Han has brilliantly written about 7 Singaporean videos which are all unintentionally awkward and comical. Check out Kirsten’s full post at SEA Youth Say So, a wonderful new website by young writers in the region. This one of Ris … Continue reading

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Ricky Gervais is Fearlessly Funny, and I Adore Him For It

Thank goodness for YouTube. I don’t watch regular TV, but thanks to YouTube, I didn’t miss the wickedly funny opening to the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, by my comedic hero Ricky Gervais. I guess we’re ok with with the brutally … Continue reading

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Zoitz: Funny Comics

I found this web comic site hilarious. A tech saavy dad trying to explain where babies come from. Check out more funny stuff at Zoitz. Irritating statements.

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Hamm and Buble: Jon Hamm + Michael Buble = Comedy Magic

I’m always in the mood for comedy, so decided to post more stuff to make you laugh. Comedy in my experience is the best cure for any sucky day. This was the best skit I have seen on SNL in … Continue reading

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My 2 Comic Heros in One Interview: Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David

If you’re a fan of the Office (original british version), Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, you’ll love this.  It’s great that you have to be a certain age to truly get their humour. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpoKDo5cYNU]

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Harvey Norman Reminds Parents in Singapore: Your Children are Your Responsibility

I just found this pretty funny. It’s like Harvey Norman (Home Furnishing and Electronics Store) at Millenia Walk has had it’s fill of out of control kids and they’ve had it. Scooting about on skateboards, pressing every knob in sight … Continue reading

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The Noose: Michelle Chong as the Obnoxious Auntie

I just love Michelle Chong’s spot on parody of the Singapore Obnoxious Aunty and Chua Enlai’s spoof of our Newscasters and their contrived accents.  This episode is from an old season, but it’s such a classic. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1AugMhReoM]

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