Lady Gaga is Lovely to Her Young Fans: Meet 10 Year Old Maria Aragon

I am too old to be a fan of Lady Gaga but I love how wonderful and sweet she is to her fans. I found this video very touching.

The video that went viral. This proves to me that YouTube is the new TV. Stars are made on YouTube. So any of you potential young singers out there – get your videos on YouTube. That way real talent will be found and you don’t have to go through all the channels that reject you. It’s the connection with the audience that matters.

The melody of the song sounds a lot like one of Madonna’s. I have to agree with the buzz about this.  But then again Madonna borrowed from ABBA for one of her songs, but in that case I think royalties were paid?  So much recycling going on.

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4 Responses to Lady Gaga is Lovely to Her Young Fans: Meet 10 Year Old Maria Aragon

  1. wow! This little one is on her way…fast tracked to stardom! Let’s hope she keeps her innocence. Can’t wait to see her on stage with The Lady. Do you think they’ll out fit her with something from the House of Gaga?

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. I was moved by it. I truly appreciate how music can be so inspiring to young kids. When I saw the whole Gaga in the egg bit at the Grammy’s I was truly speechless. I still can’t comment on it but to say, wow.

    I did however go listen to the lyrics of the songs she has written in particular the one you shared and I DO love the idea of the mom teaching the kid she’s perfect just as she is.

    Thanks again.


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