The iPad2 & the Coolest Ever Magnetic Cover: A Very Frail Steve Jobs Introduces New iPad to Standing Ovation

I am always so impressed by Steve Jobs’ presentations.  He is quite an inspiration.

Was hoping the new iPad would be smaller, but at least it’s thinner and lighter. Steve Jobs demonstrates how it’s thinner than the iPhone, so that’s pretty cool.



Here’s the ad for iPad2:


Here is an extract of the iPad 2 review from Computer World.

It’s much more comfortable to hold the iPad 2 in one hand…

In terms of materials, the iPad 2 and the iPad are cut from the same cloth (figuratively speaking): There’s a glass front and an aluminum back. The device still seems solid, though palpably thinner. The big difference when looking at it from the front is that you can’t see the edge of the aluminum frame, which is quite noticeable around the edge of the original iPad when viewed from the front.

The reduced thickness of the iPad 2 means that we can’t say the iPad’s buttons and ports are on its side–there really is no side, unlike on the original iPad. There’s a front and a back, really, with a very small amount of curved space on the back where it meets the front piece. That’s where the buttons and ports are. It’s a very different feel from the original iPad. However, the buttons and ports are in more or less the same places as they were on the original iPad.

Beyond the device’s physical redesign, the major outward difference in the iPad 2 is the addition of a pair of cameras: one on the front and one on the back. As on the latest iPhone and iPod touch, these cameras can shoot pictures, record video, and be used for FaceTime video conferencing.


There’s also excitement over the very cool magnetic iPad smart cover. The ad which has just been released is so super cool and will make you want one so bad. You will realize you wasted your money on all those bulky old covers.

More from Steve and why Apple needs him so bad. No one else had the charisma that he has. I am always so impressed at how at ease he is at his presentations. I am sure he must be hard to work with as reports say, but there is no denying that he is quite the marketing genious. Makes me wish I had bought Apple stocks when they were first out, but I guess everyone who didn’t, wishes that.

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