Singapore’s Arab Street: Something Strange

I still have no idea why forks were stuck into the soil of this potted plant. Saw this outside one of the shophouses at Arab Street, which is fast becoming my new favourite place in Singapore.

Anyone have a clue? Is this part of something superstitious? To keep away the rain?


photo by bookjunkie

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15 Responses to Singapore’s Arab Street: Something Strange

  1. In case of a spontaneous cake party?

  2. conrad says:

    think it’s a pragmatic solution to discourage birds from “landing”

  3. conrad says:

    think it’s just to discourage birds (or other scurrying) animals from entering in the no-fly zone

  4. conrad says:

    nope, haven’t gotten that writing bug. (at least, not yet)

  5. Hey that looks quite creepy for some reason…shivers…
    Sprouting forks? If it were to deter birds, they wouldn’t need that many would they? Any idea which shop it is?

  6. Hey I noticed that you’ve now allowed non emails to post here. Thanks!

  7. Crystal says:

    The comments that say it’s to keep birds away make sense.

    Personally, though…it seemed like a random moment of public guerrilla art to me.

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