My Cousin’s Birthday: 30 things before 30

I almost can’t believe my little cousin will be dirty thirty in July. She was and still is a total cutie who hardly looks her age. I may be more than a decade older, but I am so in awe of her. She is an inspiration and has probably done 300 awesome things before 30 (thoroughly enjoyed the blog listing those uniquely 30 things), so this post is dedicated to her. For starters, she has flown and holidayed solo many times which is something I will never do (but secretly long to) because I am just too chicken. She also has great taste and I would definitely consult her when it comes to fashion.

Happy Birthday Cousin and to everyone else turning 30 this year. You’re still just a kiddo with so much more ahead of you.

Before coming across this wonderfully fun 30 before 30 blog, I had no idea what a Neti Pot was. Don’t think I’ll be trying that though.


Don’t even like water going up my nose in the pool.

I haven’t done quite a number of things on that list, but I am happy to have been so unable to put down a book that I finished it in a day – on many occasions. It also made me want to get back to reading poetry and wondering who my favourite poets are. I do know that reading Philip Larkin in school scared the heck out of me. The poems were all about death and so bleak. Wordsworth made me long to commune with nature and any holiday I take will take the natural environment at the chosen destination into account. The colder the weather the more enticing the destination seems to me. I am so un-Singaporean in this regard, because it’s nature over shopping for me.

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  1. whatsaysyou says:

    That is cool 🙂 I am not even 28 yet but I am going to enjoy as much as I can.

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