What do Taylor Swift and Bob Dylan have in Common?

The sad fact about life is that when you get to a certain age, you would have had the misfortune to encounter at least one really mean people.  If not, then you’re really lucky.  

As I was trawling the blogs last night with my insomniac ways, I came across this video on the fabulous My Vanilla Life.  I think I am beyond the age group that would appreciate Taylor Swift, but I really instantly liked the song and video. The perfect song to dedicate to all those people who didn’t care that they made you feel awful, because they were so totally self-absorbed. Bullies at school, and at the office. So just know, if you’re the underdog out there, I am definitely rooting for you. Hope this song will help you deal with the awful day you might have had.


But the song that really spoke to me was Bob Dylan’s Positively 4th Street, when I was in a doldrums some years ago.

On some occasions when you are filled with so much hurt after betrayal of trust, that you need a song to ease that rage and hurt. I love that the melody is not happy, but has that ‘totally pissed off’ quality to it:

You got a lotta nerve
To say you are my friend
When I was down
You just stood there grinning

You got a lotta nerve
To say you got a helping hand to lend
You just want to be on
The side that’s winning…..

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4 Responses to What do Taylor Swift and Bob Dylan have in Common?

  1. My vanilla life says:

    Definitely do not let the meanie beanies out there get to you or they will have won. Fighting!! =)

  2. whatsaysyou says:

    Yes, I had my fair share of meanies in my life (the bullies and the former flatmate from hell) and looking back now I realised why they bully: they are insecure and are trying to hurt you when they themselves are hurting so much more on the inside.

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