Too Cute not to Reblog: Singapore Shufflin

You just gotto watch this awesome, funny, energetic dance all over Singapore, at orangefoamfinger’s blog – I love it. And I guarantee you’ll watch this more than once. It’s addictive that way. And it’s something I would never do, because I am totally square and shy.

  singapore shufflin' has just hit the triple platinum milestone (1200 views on Vimeo). We originally wanted to release the video masterpiece on youtube but this was blocked by both Justin Bieber's and Lady Gaga's management. They were concerned that singapore shufflin would set the new record for youtube views. Their concern was justified! If you extrapolate the 1200 vimeo views into projected youtube views a scientific figure (i should kno … Read More

via orangefoamfinger

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  1. This was great! His blog is so fun!

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