David Walliams & Quentin Blake: The Boy in the Dress

The Boy in the Dress is a passionate celebration of individuality as this review in the Telegraph reveals.

“The theme of the book is that we should all celebrate our differences,” says Walliams, who reckons he wrote 10 different drafts before publication. “It’s not the most sophisticated message in the world but I do think it’s one that people need to hear.
“Certainly, so much of school life is about conformity, about being the same as everyone else. Yet you often find that the people who are most successful after they’ve left school are the ones who don’t conform while they’re there.
What an amazing collaboration with a story by my comedic hero David Walliams and the best children’s illstrator ever, Quentin Blake. I just have to get my hands on this book one day.


More from David Walliams about the book. He’s also written other children’s books that sound like the kind of books I would like to read. Billionare Boy and Mr Stink. I usually don’t ever go for celebrity writers, but Walliams seems to be the real deal, writing from the pain of his own childhood. In other interviews he revealed that he was bullied. I for one was, and it does affect you a great deal.

He talks about how people are trapped by the fear of failure and that certainly applies to me.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Note to self–that book isn’t on E’s bookcase and needs to be.

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