Ann Curry overwhelmed by Nadya Suleman’s Octuplets

I can’t help but be fascinated by this story. There is no denying that Nadya Suleman’s children seem healthy and beautiful, but how does anyone managed with that many kids and no financial means. The anxiety that must produce every day.

It seems like Nadya’s 9 year old daughter has become a mini mum, the way she runs after the toddlers in the studio. Even the interviwer Ann Curry seems totally overwhelmed.

Having said all that I can’t bring myself to say anything mean about Nadya. I want her children to be well and I hope she gets more help somehow. I also can’t help but feel that anyone with the stress of that many children would be hard pressed to keep it together. I for one, would go nuts.

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4 Responses to Ann Curry overwhelmed by Nadya Suleman’s Octuplets

  1. viviene says:

    Wow! I can’t imagine having that much children!

  2. i feel so sorry for that woman. she cant even go to the loo in peace!

  3. Wow.. strong woman. Stressful to the max.. Hope everything goes well for her.

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