Cut – By Wolfgang Puck

photo by bookjunkie

As we were passing by Cut at Marina Bay Sands, we noticed there was photo shoot going on with some gorgeous models. I wonder if it was for the Sands magazine.

Here’s a wonderful review by Crystal of Expat Bostonians when she was there to celebrate her wedding anniversary.  I don’t eat beef, but the breads and sides sound enticing.  I’m a total carb addict so just the warm bread alone sounds so yummy.  Her bill came to over S$500, so I think I’ll just satisfy myself living vicariously through her review for now. But one day, maybe.

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2 Responses to Cut – By Wolfgang Puck

  1. Crystal says:

    A belated thank you for the link love. With the demise of my laptop, I’ve been very behind on my blog reading and commenting.

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