Summer Read: Dolci di Love by Sarah-Kate Lynch

I am quite a snob when it comes to what they call chick lit. I tend to go for books that take some effort to read and are grounded in reality with all their suffering, misery and hopelessness. They tend to be heavy and take some time to digest and often there are references that I need to check up on the internet.

But sometimes I do love a book written by a women for women. A book that is a bit escapist and that is crafted with such tenderness that it makes you tear as well as smile. A book that you could imagine on-screen, played by your favourite lead actress. I imagined Diane Lane in the lead role. (It seems that the author herself picks Sandra Bullock and I won’t be surprised if I see this movie on the big screen one day)

The movie is set in New York and Tuscany. It has the beauty and richness of the Italian landscape and culture as well as the all important ingredient – food. All your sense, especially your taste-buds will be stimulated, reading this novel. You’ll definitely be craving for freshly made biscuits.

The first page alone grabs you and you can’t put it down. Imagine discovering a photograph of your husband with a woman and two children who look just like him, laminated and hidden in his shoe. The horrific betrayal is made worse by the fact that the heroine has suffered through the pain of infertility. I love this New Zealand writer’s style as well. The plot moves along quickly and it’s easy to digest and relaxing. So this is what they mean by a great summer read. You’ll probably finish reading this book within two days at the most. You’ll be so eager to find out what happens next.

I love also that the protagonist is 44 years old and closer to my age. Someone I can relate to on some level. The writer Sarah-Kate Lynch is also a woman in mid-life at 48. They say age doesn’t matter when it comes to writing, but sometimes it does. Usually you only understand certain heartaches and perspectives when you have lived through them and there’s a higher chance of that taking place when you’re older. It also gives me hope that it’s never too late to fulfil my dream of becoming a novelist.

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5 Responses to Summer Read: Dolci di Love by Sarah-Kate Lynch

  1. Crystal says:

    Have you read “The Help”? It takes place in the US, but the relationship between the white employers and the black employees often feels fresh to me here in Singapore as I watch variations on it play out.

    • bookjunkie says:

      That sounds like an interesting book.

      • Crystal says:

        The Help is by Kathryn Stockett and is available in paperback. It’s being made into a movie, which I’m concerned to see how SG will edit (or maybe they won’t…they’re sometimes oblivious to how political events like the US Civil Rights movement could relate back to SG). That the author did the script gives me hope and the cast looks amazing.

  2. auntyuta says:

    Yes. Dolci di Love sounds like a great summer read. Very interesting that you’d love to write a novel. Keep working on it. I’m sure you already collected enough suitable material for a novel!

    If I come accross ‘The Help’ movie here in Australia, I sure want to watch it. Would be good, if ‘Dolci di |Love’could be made into a movie too.

    Have you ever tried script writing? Maybe you could find a sponsor for writing a movie script?

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks so much for your encouragement and vote of confidence Aunty Uta 🙂 Never tried script writing before, but I do love all kinds of writing forms. Right now I am starting to take notes whenever I get inspired.

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