The Most Creative Ads from Burger King Singapore: Never Chicken Out

Love the series of ads by Burger King, that express our frustrations and at the same time very cleverly segments into advertising their chicken burgers. Also cheekily changes the image of chickens who have been maligned as cowards for far too long. A bit like us sometimes. Singaporeans tend to be a timid bunch and we keep quiet and dislike confrontation – well speaking for myself at least. But deep down we cheer when someone to have the guts to call out people on their inconsiderate behaviour.

One of my pet peeves – pole leaners on the MRT. There’s always some inconsiderate person leaning their full body against it. It’s fine when the train is not crowded, but this is irritating when the train is sardine packed. I’ve seen people stumble when the train jerks, all because there is no room on the pole to grip on to, due to an annoying sweaty back.


Besides the series of bad MRT behaviour related ads there’s one based on a viral video of a girlfriend repeatedly hitting her boyfriend or husband in the crotch – a case of spouse abuse that was painful to watch. Made me cringe. The chicken takes this on as well.


I usually dislike many Singapore ads as I find them boring or just too corny, but these ones were the exception. Here’s the original video of the abusive woman, or girlfriend from hell.


I wish they would do one on annoying people who talk in movie theatres.

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