F1 Glamour at Marina Bay Sands: Miss Universe 2011 & Ludicras

When I was in the MRT yesterday, I saw many people of different nationalities, and I think many headed to the F1 races. Heard some Italian as well, and saw a girl with glittery diamond like stuff on her acrylic nails. Didn’t spot any of the Miss Universe contestants, but they are probably getting the VIP treatment. Came across some photos from the Marina Bay Sands Twitter stream.

Loving the yellow shoes on this year’s Miss Universe winner from Angola, Leila Lopes. She’s so pretty.

Owly Images

Although I am not into racing the way B is, I must say that Singapore is becoming quite the glamour city. Would love to check it out once, just for the glamour factor, if the tickets were not so darn expensive, starting from S$598 to S$4066. The price is for a 3-day ticket though, but I always can’t help but think that price could buy us a nice holiday in Asia. They have since all sold out and that’s how popular the Formula 1 Race is.

Here I thought Ludicras shows off the Marina Bay Sands vertigo inducing pool, to great effect.

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