Kirsten Han’s List of 7 Unintentionally Funny Singapore Videos

Kirsten Han has brilliantly written about 7 Singaporean videos which are all unintentionally awkward and comical. Check out Kirsten’s full post at SEA Youth Say So, a wonderful new website by young writers in the region.

This one of Ris Low, our ex Miss Singapore World, which I’ve never seen before, made me cringe and unable to hold back my laughter (ok I’m childish, but tell me if you could watch it with a straight face). In her post, Kirsten shares what her male friends thought about it.

I have to say though that no matter how much people make fun of her, Ris still laughs about it. She is able to laugh at herself and have that confidence. In that sense she has a great laid back kind of personality, and I can’t help but feel so bad when I laugh at her videos. I can’t help thinking that maybe she’s in on the joke.

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