Cameras and Orchids at Holland Village Market

Very cool vintage camera store here.

photo by bookjunkie

Loving the polaroids.

photo by bookjunkie

The windmill at Holland V (that’s what we’ve been calling this area, since we were in school) is iconic. I wish that the whole area would be paved up and closed to traffic. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Especially now that the MRT is so close by. More trees would be great too, as this is one of the hottest places in Singapore because of all the concrete and tarred roads. It was unbearably scorching at 34 degrees and the usual killer humidity, when I was there.

photo by bookjunkie

Orchids at the market’s flower stall.

photo by bookjunkie

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8 Responses to Cameras and Orchids at Holland Village Market

  1. bonnie says:

    it would be funny if I see myself in your picture since I walk the dog to Holland V everyday. No more though, I’m moving out of that apartment when I come back to Singapore next week

    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah it would be cool if one day you or another blogging friend commented – hey that was me in the photo 🙂 would tell me what a small world this is.

  2. R64 says:

    Oh wow, I totally missed this when we went to visit Singapore… I would’ve loved to see “our” windmill there!

    We went inside another mall that had a cool camera shop… It had Lomo cameras and other “toy” cameras, I can’t remember where it was (though I wrote it down in my travel diary) but I remember it was pretty expensive there.

    Oh well, one more reason to go back someday. (Plus your photo’s of the delicious meals you’re having! They’re totally drool-inducing!)

    By the way, if you ever happen to have your camera ready when you see more street art, stickers or graffiti, I for one would be more than interested in another posts about that! 🙂

    Oh, and one last thing: do try the fish head curry — it is absolutely delicious!! At least the one I had, which wasn’t too big of a portion anyway.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks a million…am inspired to look out for more street art now. Although graffiti here is prohibited by the authorities and probably any that I see will be officially commissioned ones.

      I’ve tried the fish head curry at a different place – Banana Leaf Appollo at Race Course Road (our Little India). Very good indeed and a very Singaporean dish.

      Are you from Holland? Would love to read your blog.

      • R64 says:

        Oh hey, that’s where I had my fish head curry too! The Banana Leaf Apollo is mentioned in some travel articles I read, and of course in the Lonely Planet, and at the time I was there it was filled with a lot of other tourists. So I was afraid I would get a toned-down “fake” dish (and I was already skeptical about fish head curry, because it sounded like a gimmick dish), but it was very tasty indeed!

        The fun thing about street art is that if you appreciate it, you develop an eye for it. I walked through the streets of Singapore, absorbing everything around me like any other traveler, but I also paid attention to lantern poles, backsides of traffic signs, etc. The fact that the penalties for graffiti/stickers in Singapore is so high made it all the more special if I came across something. It’s a sign that some people out there are willing to risk punishment in the name of personal expression. Most people are blind to those signs, or dismiss them as simple vandalism, but if you open your eyes for it you’ll find many layers of expression in it. I can’t imagine visiting another city without looking for/at street art. It’s a secret language that tells me so much more about a city than any tourist destination in it! But of course this is personal, and maybe someone else will disagree and find it nonsense, childish, devoid of any deeper meaning, and that is okay — it just adds to the diversity of how street art can be interpreted.

        (As you might gather, I’m a bit of a street art nut, so excuse my ramblings 😉

        I am from Holland, yes! I don’t keep a blog myself though.

        • bookjunkie says:

          Thanks so much for taking the trouble to share your thoughts R64. I feel honored that you came by my blog all the way from Holland 🙂

          I like how you put it…..the layers of expression and a form of secret language. I think Melbourne has a lot of street art and it makes the city so much more interesting. Saw this in a blog that was devoted to street art. Vetti: Live in Northcote

  3. mf says:

    Ahhh, you’re making me miss my little three-room flat on the right of the windmill.. Used to walk down to get bubble tea on hot afternoons… Hope to do that again by this time next year!

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