Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros (& Little Alexa on Ellen)

This blog is about Singapore, but I do often feel compelled to talk about things that move me, that come from outside this tiny island. Lately I have been moved by the song Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros.

When I saw their performance on Letterman, I felt like I’d been transported back to the 70’s. On stage, the female lead singer is estatic and it’s just so uplifting to watch her and the energy of this 10 member band. Yay for flower power. Our world needs more hippies (humble, free people) and I mean this in a good way. Hardly do I see such joy when singers sing. Musicians these days are so tiresomely packaged and it’s all about how little they can wear or sexily they can dance, and not really about the poetry of the lyrics. It’s just moving further and further away from the Art. Music is after all, one form of artistic expression.


I did not know about this amazing group of friends who got together to produce music, till I started watching Reality Changers. The vlogs of a single father and his two little girls. The father had a few videos of songs he sings with his daughters and they did a cover of Home which became a huge hit with 14 million views and counting. Let me state that I hardly ever like covers. But here, little Alexa’s genuine passion just shines through. She is uncoached and raw and that was refreshing.

About the song itself, I especially love the line, ‘home is whenever I’m with you’. As I get older I realize more and more, in this life, you just need your people, the people you’d be homesick without. People with whom you can be your most genuine self. I think another reason why this rendition of the song was such a hit is the undeniable love between the young father and daughter. If you watch their vlogs you’ll know what I mean.


A short while after the video went up and went viral, Ellen invited them to here show in January this year.


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6 Responses to Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros (& Little Alexa on Ellen)

  1. JannaTWrites says:

    Aw, that little girl and her dad were so cute. I hadn’t seen this before…thanks for posting it 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      I recently came across this wonderful dad, Jorge, who blogs about his two little girls. He’s just 25 years old. I was blown away, as he’s so mature. I think having a young dad is very cool and he is so dedicated to his girls even though he is not together with their mum. Looks like both parents though young, try to make it work by staying friends.

  2. ThinkPinkToo says:

    A feel good song I think you would like:

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