Holland Village MRT

I’m loving the new MRT stop at Holland Village.  Parking is always a problem here as it’s a very popular area in Singapore. Can’t wait for the circle or yellow line as I call it, to be functional on 8 October, which is very soon. Felt like such a tourist taking photos of the MRT station.  

That’s what blogging does to me, but it’s cool.  Makes me feel more involved and excited about just life in general.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

The folks at Wendy’s and the other shop owners, must be thrilled. A whole lot more business will be coming their way.

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  1. plumerainbow says:

    I can’t wait for the Circle Line to open too! There are quite a number of places of interest to go to on the Line. Will write a post on it by year end.

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