Improvements in Singapore’s Public Transport Promised

It’s great news that there will be a new station near Marina Bay Sands called Bayfront and it’ll open in January 2012.


I like the idea of knowing when the bus is coming and how crowded it is. More MRT stations is also good news for me. Although I think car owners will now be worried about the COE going up, due to this other report.


And on a totally different note, is it just me, or do our newscasters over enunciate? Have they been trained to speak with a very weird accent? Sometimes it’s grates on me, but then I never watch the news unless it’s in a clip like this. Our local show, The Noose, parodies this brilliantly.

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2 Responses to Improvements in Singapore’s Public Transport Promised

  1. Crystal says:

    Singapore tv in general irritates me or invites mockery.

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