Beach Road Prawn Noodle Soup (at East Coast Road)

B was hankering for a bowl of prawn mee soup, so we headed to East Coast Road.

photo by bookjunkie

It’s really difficult to get a parking lot here, but it’s better not to risk a parking fine by parking at an illegal spot. So we wait a bit. People eat quite fast and it’s usually office workers who need to rush back to work. So if you wait, soon enough you’ll get a parking space.

The prawns are huge and not de-shelled so it can get quite messy. That’s when tissues come in handy and I never leave home without them.

photo by bookjunkie

It’s not the same without the chilli powder.

photo by bookjunkie

If you like it extra spicy there’s red chillies as well.

photo by bookjunkie

It’s quite well ventilated inside this huge coffeeshop.

photo by bookjunkie

It’s a really popular, and prices have escalated from S$5 to S$8.80, which is quite a big jump. Doesn’t seem to deter any of the patrons whom I am sure are regulars. B felt that the standard had dropped slightly, but I was easily satisfied with the spicy soup.

photo by bookjunkie

Beach Road Prawn Mee Noodle House
370 East Coast Road
Tel: +65 6345 7196
Opening Hours
Daily: 8am – 4pm
(Closed on Tue)

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3 Responses to Beach Road Prawn Noodle Soup (at East Coast Road)

  1. Lady J says:

    They open really early in the morning. I head there for breakfast on weekdays at about 7am to beat the crowds. Might be a thought 😉

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