Madonna’s daughter Lola is adorable

I used to love Madonna’s music in the 80’s, but not so much her persona in this age. Like that video where she is snooty about Hydrangeas and I felt she was dissing her fan?


But her daughter Lola is like a breath of fresh air. She seems so normal and down to earth that makes me think – her mum must have done something right. The very normal mother daughter chemistry here is just cute. Added the hydrangea video so you would understand the dig about the flower, in this one.


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2 Responses to Madonna’s daughter Lola is adorable

  1. Valerie says:

    In the first video, Madonna was given flowers by a prankster who has pulled stunts on many celebrities. He knew she didn’t like them and was possibly allergic to them so he gave them to her on purpose. He was NOT a fan. Fans weren’t allowed into the press conference room and wouldn’t be allowed to go up to her like that without press credentials. Even that man was not supposed to approach her since the press conference was about to begin. She actually thanked him and then turned to her friend to make a private comment. Haven’t you ever politely accepted a gift you didn’t like and expressed your dislike later to a friend? Nobody else in the room heard, but the mic for the online live feed was on. He did stalk her afterward to ask her about the flowers as she was signing autographs for real fans and she was nice to him.

    You should actually watch the different interviews from Venice, Toronto, and London from the recent festivals and you’ll see she’s far more likable, good-humored, and doesn’t take herself so seriously. She’s actually far nicer and was pretty polite throughout.

    As for the second video, it’s obviously a parody of sorts to poke fun at the stereotypes and impressions people have of the both of them, especially recently. Madonna was playing up the diva persona and Lola was supposed to not care and be a “bratty” teen.

    • bookjunkie says:

      didn’t know it was a prankster and mistakenly thought it was a fan.

      Lola is down to earth and that’s really appealing. She’s like a very regular, grounded kid like Paris Jackson 🙂

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