3 Brilliant Movies: Drive, Melancholia & Blue Valentine

You must watch Drive. I was riveted throughout. Very impressed by Ryan Gosling’s performance and I think he deserves an Oscar. I am usually terrified of violence as I tend to get nightmares but some movies are so good I just have to watch them and just shut my eyes at the most unbearable parts. Other violent movies that were that good? Fight Club, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill (both parts). Even though I have added the trailer here, don’t watch it. It’s very much a spoiler. Music is a big part of this movie as well as for Melancholia. The movies I fall for usually have an essential soundtrack as well. Music very much creates the mood. It helps me feel things on an emotional level in a way that you can’t quite explain in words.


Melancholia. Just the music and cinematography will leave you haunted. I thought Kirsten Dunst was just brilliant. Instead of a trailer I thought the opening would be more appropriate. If you like it then you should watch the movie. If not then, it may be too arty for you. But give it a chance, as it gets better and better although you may find the pace slow at first. As it goes on, it will make more and more sense. But I have never seen the end of the world portrayed more beautifully. So stunning, it’ll make you gasp. But if you’re depressed I don’t know if it’s a good idea to watch this.


Michelle Willam’s performance in Blue Valentine blew me away. And Ryan Gosling was once again amazing and I think deserving of all the accolades he gets. I usually am not into younger actors but this one is a real talent. A very realistic potrayal of a relationship. I am not into romantic predictable cheesey mush. I make an exception for movies where the stars have real chemistry like ‘Pretty Woman’ or ‘When Harry Met Sally’ but those are few and far between.


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