Why I Haven’t Gone for a Swim in Ages

I haven’t gone for a swim in ages and this new Seafolly store at Wisma Atria reminded me of how I used to love it. The feeling of weightlessness in the pool and just gliding. It was the most relaxing feeling ever and I could think. I almost felt like I was meditating. I especially loved swimming at night when it was more peaceful and less crowded.

Well to be honest, the reason I haven’t gone in ages is that, even though I love being in the water there are parts I hate. The part where the chlorine dried out my hair and just the hassle of getting to the public pool and the fact that it was a public pool where people annoyingly swam across the lanes and other terrible things I won’t mention here. I am sounding like such a grouch.

The worst thing ever was when water got into my ear. Not a little bit, but a lot and it was sloshing around and I could not get it out no matter how much I jumped up and down in the shower. It was affecting my hearing and I was afraid I would get an inner ear infection.

It got so bad I had to see an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat Specialist). The doctor actually had to insert a needle into my ear to get the hardened wax out (due to all that chlorine I guess). Sorry for the gross description, but I didn’t know how else to relate this story.

It was painful and awful and that’s when I stopped going. Guess I was just going overboard and spending too long in the pool – ’till my fingers looked like prunes’ long. I tend to be extreme in everything I do. It’s like a perfectionist all or nothing for me. Please tell me you are that way too? I often feel like such a weirdo.

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9 Responses to Why I Haven’t Gone for a Swim in Ages

  1. katrijn says:

    When we first arrived in Singapore I went to the pool everyday. I couldn’t get enough of it and I couldn’t imagine it ever growing stale. But it has. I suppose if you overdo it like I did, the pleasure wears off – like E., who used to love rice crackers, couldn’t get enough of them and then one day, poof, decided she hated them with a vengeance. (Kind of like myself, come to think of it, during the first three months of pregnancy – I lived on rice crackers for a while and honestly can’t face them anymore now.) So there you go – I overdo stuff all the time, though I blame it on enthusiasm instead of perfectionism 😀 However, similar results, so it probably doesn’t matter what gets designated as the root cause. Everything in moderation, as the (boring) saying goes.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Loved your story about the rice crackers Katrjin. I am that way with food too. I can have the same lunch every day for months till I get sick of it and then switch to something else.

      Nooo….no moderation ;-p for us enthusiatic people 🙂

  2. Crystal says:

    I used to get swimmers ear a lot as a kid from swimming in local ponds and lakes…it’s when water gets trapped behind your eardrum, causing pain (and often infection). It sucked.

    I used to dream of living somewhere I could swim every day, but now that I do (and even have a pool at our building)…I can’t tell you the last time I was in the water. Looking forward to Rhi being old enough to take the cool temperature of the water…if I could get both girls in, I might actually get to swim regularly.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Wow I’ve never swum in a pond or lake. I love the water. Ut I hate the hassle of changing and washing my hair etc. my hair gets so dry. It’s already like straw.

  3. Jen says:

    OMG I love to swim too! I loved it so much it was all I would do for months at a time. I even got a membership at True Fitness because they have access to the pool at Suntec. LOL

    But this blasted weather is killing it for me. Keeps raining and I can’t tell when it’s going to rain. I usually swim in the morning or after work. Before I would swim at 11 am but I stopped coz the 11 am to 3 pm sun is really bad for the skin. Sigh.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I just wish there was an Olympic sized indoor pool in Singapore. That would make me sooo happy.

      So glad you came by Jen 🙂

      • twinks says:

        There is, right? The one at Sengkang Swimming Complex? I went all the way just to have a swim in it. Less than a minute in the indoor pool, i shivered, got up, walked over to swim happily in the warm outdoor competition pool. There are two huge shades above though. So at least you will still be somehow protected from the sun.

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