Duxton Hill: Littered with Books

Not my first visit to the lovely Bookstore at 20 Duxton Road, but it was the first little shop that drew me to Duxton Hill. After exploring the place, I discovered the Bookstore was just one of many delightful new stores owned by young creative people that has revived the area. Every time I come here I want to buy ten books at least.  They really have a good selection and I love the way they are presented. I wonder if they sell book vouchers here. It’ll be a great birthday present.

I noticed so many children’s books I want to pick up and read to my little precious nieces.

Little cosy nooks everywhere here.

I am an ardent believer of treating books kindly. It breaks my heart to see broken spines and dog ears. I like them in pristine condition.

I need a chair like that for my bedroom. Love the red.

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