Duxton Hill: The Pigeonhole

The Pigeonhole is another place I’ve heard so much about and I’m glad to have finally ventured there.  When we first entered the dimly lit space, we were a bit disoriented and didn’t know where to turn.  Most of the independent boutique stores have a signature element – location in a shophouse and charming mismatched retro furniture.  This place has it too, but it really feels haphazard and like someone’s home.  D felt that it needed an anchor. I agreed but we both kinda liked the absolutely casual feel it created. A place where you could actually disappear.

The people here are friendly and told us how to order drinks and then left us alone (hermits like me who feel nervous with any kind of small talk love that – definitely a plus point in my book and makes me want to return. Chitchat makes me uncomfortable. Yes I’m socially challenged at times).

What a treat to be left alone in that big space.  A luxury in Singapore where we are often harassed or feel chased out as our tables are cleared before we can even finish. We could plop ourselves from one couch to the next and there was reading material in the form of actual books.  Usually at cafes, magazines are the norm, but this is the first time I’ve seen good novels free for you to peruse.  The hot chocolate tasted more like chocolate milk according to D, but my latte was lovely although very tiny. This place is not so much about the drinks, but more a haven and the only one of it’s kind I believe.  The drinks were cheap though. I hear there are events in the evenings where like minded people gather for discussions.  Being a recluse it’s not so much my thing.

The Pigeonhole is at 52 & 52 Duxton Road.  They call thenselves a book cafe and arts space.  Just note that they are closed on Mondays to avoid disappointment.  I was just lucky I didn’t venture to check out Duxton Hill on a Monday as most of the shops seem be the closed then.

Pigeonhole opens at 10am on weekdays and 11.30am on weekends.  And they stay open as late as 1 am on Fridays. I think you can find their latest events on their Facebook page. Once again I don’t like Facebook except that I concede that it’s great for small businesses.

I was a bit confused at first as googling led me to another place with almost the same name in Canada (apart from the spacing of the words).  But that place is a restaurant, but it seems absolutely charming as well. Maybe if I ever get the chance to go to Vancouver I have to check it out.

Anyway, back to the Singapore cafe – there’s a lovely story about the owners of The Pigeonhole at Duxton Hill, here.  I admire the risk they took for their dream. I am sure it will work out too.  On my next visit I want to try the Apple Ciders.

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