Take Me Back to the New Duxton Hill

Our recent stroll around Duxton Hill will stand out as one of my most treasured memories. It was relaxing to explore the place with my sweetest companion. I usually try to avoid a lot of walking and sweating in the Singapore heat, but somehow with her it’s always fun.

We strolled about and truly felt like tourists in our own country.  Everything was fresh again. Loved the old red letterboxes and the shophouse architecture. It was nice that there were very few cars around and I would totally recommend this place for a walking tour.

Chanced upon a retro furniture store, plus Cafe that I need to explore on another visit. It’s called ReStore.

I would’t mind having Indonesian cuisine at Cumi Bali.

Nirvana Looks tempting.

Heard about the pretty cakes at Flor, but we were too full for cake.

An Irish Pub with a charming little garden as a feature.

So many restaurants here, I wish I had more space in my tummy. Or four stomaches like a cow.

Another swanky restaurant to try – Broth.

Delighted to spot one of the Elephant Parade Elephants here. Thought they would all be gone.

In front of what I think is a furniture store called the Stripe Collective.

Berjaya Hotel was very pretty and the scent within was heavenly. The air-conditioning was very welcome too. We went from sticky to cool in seconds.

They operate a private airline and now they have a hotel here too. No wonder the name sounded familiar. I recall Berjaya Air flights to Tioman I think.

Old shophouses here are so grand.

They had baking classes and cakes plus macarons for sale here. We found the people within very friendly.


I am told that Duxton used to be filled with seedy bars and such, but the Singapore government decided not to renew those licenses and since then the place has been taken over by Gen Y and it’s hipster paradise. Good call. I just hope the rentals stay affordable for the tenants, but if they do rise then I think it will just lead to another part of Singapore becoming the new hip place.

I am an old Gen X, but I think like Gen Y sometimes, and am not so conservative. I also find it flattering that what used to be cool in my teen-hood is now becoming cool all over again. To me hipster is a renewal of the 80’s culture. But I occasionally have a problem with movie remakes – like no one can ever replace Kevin Bacon’s Footloose.

Because there was so much to take in I need to spilt this adventure into many little posts. So many cafes and little shops to explore. It’s best to bring your friends or family who have been living abroad and haven’t been home for a while. They will get to see how Singapore has changed and how parts of it have become absolutely charming.

The Cafes:

Wok & Barrel
Group Therapy
The Pigeonhole

The Shops:

Littered with Books

……& much more.

We saw this new store being readied as we were walking back towards Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Loved the sign. Two Blur Guys would be a great name for an unpretentious Cafe.

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10 Responses to Take Me Back to the New Duxton Hill

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve only been a handful of times but I really like the Duxton Hill area.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Hello Laura. How does it compare for you with places back home? I’ve always wondered. For us it’s a modernized hip version of Singapore. Don’t think our parents generation would appreciate the place as much (they tend to prefer Asian food at hawker prices) but I liked it a lot.

      • Laura says:

        There are places in some towns/cities that are similar, i.e. lots of eateries, coffee shops, quirky individual shops etc. and the kind of place where everyone likes to go and be seen. In my home town there is nothing quite like it, obviously there are plenty of places to eat etc. but no where I would say with the right sort of vibe to carry it off.

        Where I lived in London though before I moved here probably was a little closer with lots of weekend brunch options and independently owned shops that did a good trade for example.

        Apart from when we visited Duxton Hill one Friday evening (and even then it was relatively relaxed) it has always seemed relaxed, chilled and welcoming whenever I’ve been.

        • bookjunkie says:

          The vibe is really nice. Can’t quite put my finger on it…but it just works..the old buildings…the young owners and clientelle. And especially the good quality food.

  2. e says:

    I love the area and the vibe Duxton Hill exudes. There are so many quaint little cafes to explore and I love the cakes from Flor! How I wished I’m staying nearby!!!

  3. X says:

    i love this post so much. sometimes here and there i feel a little jaded with singapore but recently i’ve found this quaint new corner and it looks so promising for future adventuring, especially with the help of your posts. ^^ this sentence strikes me especially – ‘everything was fresh again’
    keep on posting! <3

    • bookjunkie says:

      Awwww thank you so much. Thanks for keeping me going. I feel jaded too myself at times and readers like you give me a pick up.

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